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Many children have missed out on so much in the past few months, and one of our girls’ favourite events of the year is always sports day. Here, we’ve created a range of activities that will let you throw a sports day to remember from home.

Be creative – sports day medals

Add some rewards to your sports day by making your own medals to hand out after the races are run. Instructions here.

Skills for life – planning your sports day

Encourage your child to get involved with the planning for your sports day. It’s a great way of encouraging their organisational skills, helping them feel they’ve achieved something and giving them insight into the work that goes into the activities they take part in. Use our checklist as a guide and to keep track of your progress.

Get active – sports day activities

Ultimately sports day is all about the games and races! Here’s our round up of the best sports day events.

My community – how to be a sports coach

The UK sports industry is worth £39billion. 35% pf personal trainers are women, rising to 40% of coaches. This fun activity challenges your child to imagine they are a sports coach and come up with their own routines and motivational messages. Instructions here.

Have fun – balloon tennis

A fun departure from traditional sports day games, balloon tennis is great for children of all ages and a good laugh too. Check out the instructions here.

Happy to be me – sportswoman checklist

It takes more than just athleticism to be a sportswoman, and all girls will have some of the skills that could make them successful in the world of sports. This worksheet encourages girls to think about the leadership, teamwork, commitment and other traits they have that lend themselves to sports.

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