While it’s important that each of our groups has the freedom to be flexible to what their girls enjoy, we also try to ensure a level of consistency so girls know what to expect when they come to GFS.

For that reason, each of our weekly sessions follows a roughly similar pattern:


Our sessions start with circle time. It’s a space for the girls to share anything they want about how they’re feeling coming into the session, anything that has happened since they last came and what’s on their mind.

While it may seem like a small part of the session, circle time is really important for helping the girls and volunteers get to know each other, feel comfortable with one another, and feel that what they have to say is important.


After we’ve said our hellos we get ourselves energised for the session with a fun warm up game. As well as trying new games, we’ll often let girls pick from one of their favourites. 


In our main activity, Leaders will usually introduce the focus of the session. Girls may be learning about an inspiring woman, an important issue or a new skill. The focus will aim to help girls grow or develop in relation to one of our GFS Girl statements. We’ll then do a group activity that helps them explore the idea. We’ve included some examples below.


We’ll then do a follow up activity that is related to our theme. This is usually a craft or game that is a softer way to reinforce the ideas we have talked about.


Finally, we will finish the session with a check in about how girls found it, and what they learned. This is a good opportunity for girls to reflect on their experience, but also hear what it was like for others. For the leaders, this feedback is a great way for getting to learn what girls enjoy and adapt future sessions.

Example activities

Getting out of Down Town

This is an example of a main activity that is focusing on helping girls build their resilience. By working in small groups and thinking creatively about the issue, girls are able to think deeply, while still creating something fun.

This activity aims to help girls:

  • identify the things that support their wellbeing
  • recognise the things that can negatively affect their mood. 
  • recognise the emotions and physical feelings that they have when their mood is affected. 
  • have a list of strategies to use to support their mood when feeling down. 

Self esteem flowers

This is an example of a follow up activity, which would follow a main activity focused on talking to girls about how they see themselves, and celebrating our individuality.

This activity aims to help girls:

  • Recognise their strengths
  • Get used to verbalising positive things about themselves
  • See that different people have different strengths, which are all great
  • Feel good about themselves

Here’s what one of our volunteers, Harriet, had to say about the GFS sessions:

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