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GFS groups are only available to girls and young women living in England and Wales.

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    Weekly fees

    GFS is an inclusive organisation and we welcome any girl or young woman that would like to join. The cost of sessions should not be a barrier to attendance, and GFS is happy to accommodate a break from session fees (which are £1-3 per week depending on location). If you feel that you would currently benefit from this support, please tick the box below.

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    Travel arrangements

    Providing this information helps our groups to ensure the safety of your child and that they are being released to the correct person. We recommend that girls below the age of 11 should be accompanied to and collected from group by an adult.

    Please confirm how your child will travel to and from group:

    A parent or guardian will deliver and collect them from inside the venueAnother authorised adult(s) will deliver and collect them from inside the venueMy child will travel alone

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    Medical, access and diet

    Please let us know of any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities or access requirements

    Please let us know of any special dietary requirements

    Please let us know of any other support needs.

    Photography and video

    Group sessions may be captured on film or in photographs by GFS volunteers. It is important that you understand the ways that we will use these pictures. We have created two categories to help provide clarity.

    • Level 1 - Photos will be used on closed Facebook groups and communications with other parents within your GFS group
    • Level 2 - As in level one, plus photos may be used in open social media for the group and GFS as a whole. May be used for internal GFS communications, local news items about the group and similar.

    I consent to photographs and video of my child being taken:
    Permission not givenLevel 1Level 2

    We will flag this with the Group Leader to strictly ensure that your daughter is not included in any images. All care will be taken to ensure she is not present in any film/photo/footage. Alternatively her face will be obscured.
    You can change your mind about GFS photo consent at any time, just let us know by emailing or by talking to your Group Leader.

    Of course, even if you have consented, we would never force your girl to be in any images or videos she doesn't want to be in.

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  • I consent to the administration of medical treatment to my child if necessary whilst participation in GFS activities.
  • I agree to GFS keeping information about my child as part of her participation in group activities. This information will be kept in strict confidentiality subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018.
  • I am happy for my daughter's Group Leader to store my phone number on her personal mobile phone. (Local volunteers will sometimes need to communicate with you, for example to contact you if there are last-minute changes to plans.)
  • I will notify Group Leader if my child will no longer be attending GFS sessions or if there is a change to drop off/collection arrangements.
  • I will tell Group Leader about any changes in health or wellbeing that may affect my child during GFS activities.
  • I will re-register my child annually and ensure all contact details are up to date.
  • I will treat GFS volunteers and staff fairly and with respect.
  • I tick this box in agreement with the above
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    Building girls' confidence

    Here at GFS, we're helping girls to gain confidence in six key areas.

    To do this, it would be helpful to know where you feel your child is currently, in relation to the following statements:

    She can speak up about things that matter to her
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

    She is proud of who she is
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

    She can try again if she has a setback
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

    She is comfortable trying new things
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

    She feels she can achieve her hopes and dreams
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

    She can get enjoy friendships with all kinds of people
    Not at allNot reallyA little bitVery much

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