GFS lockdown activities – Celebration Week

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We have come to the end of another year of GFS – it wasn’t exactly the year anyone had been expecting, but it was certainly one to remember. We have so enjoyed sharing our weekly activities with you and want to thank everyone who has gotten involved.

This week, our activities are designed to be one big celebration! They celebrate girls and their achievements, they celebrate

Be creative – make your own party decorations

It’s not a party without some gorgeous decorations. Take a look at our tutorials for paper lanterns and bunting here.

Happy to be me – the self awards

Think about all the things you have achieved over the last six months. Create your own certificates congratulating your successes.  

Before you start making your certificates, write down all your achievements that you would like to celebrate.  Here are some awards and certificates you can download to celebrate your achievements.

Award for Bravery and Courage 

This award is for anyone who has shown outstanding bravery and courage. Bravery is needed when trying something new. Maybe you have shown courage when dealing with a difficult situation. 

Award for Friendship and Kindness 

Can you think of a time when you have shown kindness to a friend, family member or even a stranger? Can you think of a time when you’ve been a good friend to someone? Maybe you helped them in some way or been there for them when they needed someone to talk to?

Award for Creativity 

Have you made something recently that you are really proud of? Have you got involved with something creative that you’ve never done before? This award is to celebrate all your creative talent!

Keeping Active Award  

This award is for recognising all the efforts you have made to keep fit and active during lockdown. Have you and your family been on walks? Have you spent time in the garden?  

Skills for life – planning your celebration

Encourage your child to get involved with the planning for your celebration. It’s a great way of encouraging their organisational skills, helping them feel they’ve achieved something and giving them insight into the work that goes into the activities they take part in. Use our checklist as a guide and to keep track of your progress.

Get active – dance party

All great parties must have music. Music helps us to relax and have fun. Try creating your very own party playlist by writing down your favourite songs.  

Think about what songs people can dance to, songs that make you happy and popular songs for everyone to sing along with.  

Once you have your party playlist, try creating a famous party dance to one of your songs. Once you’ve perfected your new routine, get your friends and family to join in with your new party dance routine! 

There are lots of famous party dances from the Macarena to the Cha Cha Slide.  

My community – community awards

As well as celebrating ourselves, this is a great time to appreciate and celebrate the people around you. Can you think of anyone you know who deserves to be celebrated?

To show your appreciation you could host a mini award show at home and give each member of your family an award. 

You could create a medal or a certificate for someone in your community who has been working really hard over these last few months.  

Have fun – party games

What’s your favourite party game? We love pass the parcel, musical statues (also great over Zoom if your celebrations have some virtual guests), musical chairs, charades and treasure hunt.

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