The nature of the GFS model makes it difficult for us to offer one-off or mass corporate volunteering opportunities at our groups. Our groups rely on the stability provided by regular volunteers, and the relationships they build with the girls and young women who attend them.

We recognise that many organisations want to create opportunities for their staff to give back. For those who would like to volunteer in groups, we ask for a minimum of 10 months commitment as our groups run from September to mid-July every year.

We also offer a content creator volunteer role for those looking for shorter term, more ad hoc volunteering opportunities. This role does not have direct interaction with our girls and groups but it’s an opportunity to help create fun, interactive activities for our girls.

If you would like to promote either of these opportunities in your workplace, get in touch on and we can supply you with information and artwork to promote the roles.

Volunteering for personal development

Volunteering offers a significant personal development opportunity for women at your organisation. Volunteers will have opportunities to take on leadership roles and undertake valuable training. We believe our volunteering programme will help staff develop skills including:

  • Leadership and confidence building – opportunities to lead individual streams of work and learn in a safe, supportive environment
  • Organisational skills – project management
  • Teamwork – dependability and communication
  • Listening skills – inviting girls to speak and learning to listen
  • Empathy and communication skills – speaking to and connecting with an audience
  • Presentation/public speaking skills – explaining a task/activity and supporting implementation
  • Mentoring skills – both through receiving mentoring, and mentoring the girls 

While direct volunteering opportunities require a longer-term commitment, there are other ways for your Enstar Group Ltd staff can support GFS. If employees are inspired by our work, they can offer professional skills on a pro bono basis to help us be the best organisation we can be.

Get in touch

When working with partners, flexibility is key to our approach. If you’re interested in talking more about how your organisation might be able to offer a volunteering package to your staff with GFS, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing