GFS lockdown activities – Children’s Wellbeing Week

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We live in uncertain times and there is no doubt that they are having an effect on children. Children’s mental health charities are reporting increased frustration and anxiety in children, many are struggling to readjust to a new routine and those with pre-existing mental health conditions are facing reduced access to support services and the networks they rely on.

Knowing how to manage worries in a healthy way is a key life skill for young people and having an arsenal of stress busting activities is always useful. All children will have different ways of processing emotions and finding what works for you is key.

Have fun – bubble breathing

Blowing bubbles is great fun, and it has an added benefit too – the deep breathing required to blow bubbles can help you to relax and feel calm. Follow our recipe for home made bubbles and learn the calming bubble breathing technique.

Happy to be me – meet the queens of cartooning

Drawing can be an excellent way of releasing stress and beating boredom. Meet four trailblazing women cartoonists, ranging from Manga to Pixar artists.

Now pick one of the styles by these artists, or come up with a style all of your own to tell your story. Why not draw a comic about the things you have to be grateful for and the things that you would like to change in the world? Or maybe there’s another story about yourself that you’d like to tell.  

Skills for life – the jar of smiles

This is a fun way of learning how to process negative feelings or emotions, and then move on from them in a healthy way. Swapping worries for affirmations and fun activities from the jar is a great way of managing changing moods during lockdown. Instructions here.

Get active – outdoor games

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is let off some steam or shake off a slump. We’ve gathered together a list of GFS girls’ go-to active games to refresh your family favourites.

Be creative – friendship bracelets

Many children (and grown ups!) find focusing on repetitive movements calming. Take your mind off of any worries and master the art of friendship bracelets with our easy video tutorial.

My community – the friendship letter exchange

This activity is a modern take on having a pen pal. Coordinate with some friends and write each other letters of encouragement and kindness. Post them, and when you receive yours in return, save them up to read when you need a little pick me up. This teaches girls about the importance of having a community around who can support each other through ups and downs. Instructions here.

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