At GFS, we know girls need support to be themselves and proud of who they are. We offer a specially designed programme, intended to help them develop resilience against the challenges life brings before they reach the crisis of confidence girls experience in adolescence.

Girls as young as six tell us they cannot be themselves. And our volunteers have heard girls as young as seven worrying about how people view them because of their gender, using words like ‘bossy,’ ‘ugly’ and ‘sassy’. By their teen years, girls’ self-esteem and wellbeing drop drastically, while boys’ remains steady.

But as much as we know girls need GFS, what happens when girls can’t access our groups? We believe all girls should have access to the GFS programme. So, this Autumn term we’re bringing GFS to girls – we’re launching in schools!

Girls Friendly Schools will bring girls a safe, supportive environment in a familiar school setting, after school hours.

We’re piloting Girls Friendly Schools in Greater Manchester and Swansea.

Please note, Girls Friendly Schools is currently only available to girls attending the listed schools. If your child attends a different school, please visit our group finder to find your nearest GFS group.

If your daughter attends the following schools, you can sign her up for Girls Friendly Schools today: