What’s in a name?

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Children pick up on the subtleties in the world around them and use them to form their view of how things work. We believe intercepting societal biases and challenging them at a young age can have a huge impact – … Continued

Our favourite feminist gifts for kids

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The toys and gifts we give children can be a key influence in their understanding of gender roles. From a young age, girls have traditionally been given baby dolls where boys are given toy guns. Boys are given guns where … Continued

Feminist highlights of the decade

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2010 The first ever Feminism Summer School, hosted by UK Feminista was a major hit, picking up international coverage. ‘The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism’ and ‘Reclaiming the F Word’ usher in a new attitude towards feminism for the decade and hints … Continued

The STEM Sessions

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It is known that women are not well represented in the industries of science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM). Only 35% of students enrolled on STEM courses at UK universities are women and a pitiful 22% of jobs in STEM … Continued

Striving for excellence

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Something that is really important to us is that we work hard to make the GFS experience fulfilling and worthwhile, not only for the girls who attend our groups, but for everyone who is involved with them. So when our … Continued

Spread the GFS love

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We currently have more than 120 amazing members. You vote at our AGM, you keep up to date with our news, and your fees allow us to provide our services for girls and young women. Having you in our corner means … Continued