GFS lockdown activities – Nature week

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With time outside seriously limited at the moment, finding ways to make the most of what outdoor time you can have is important. Here are some of our ideas for brightening up your hour of daily exercise and bringing a little bit of the outside in with you.

My community – rainbow scavenger hunt

Homes around the world have been placing rainbows in their windows to brighten up young people’s walks. Take on our rainbow scavenger hunt to see if you can spot all of the different kinds of rainbow in your area. Plus, learn some fun facts about rainbows along the way.

Skills for life – magical colour changing plants

Collect specimens while you’re out walking and bring them home to see something amazing happen and learn about transpiration with our experiment.

Be creative – bird kites

Here’s a fun craft activity that will allow your little one to enjoy their kite whatever the weather. Easy instructions here.

Get active – crossing the river

With your imagination, you can bring the outside in. Have lots of silly fun with our crossing the river game. Want to up the indoor ante? Why not add some animals into the mix?

Google have an amazing feature that allows you to turn your living room into a zoo! It’s great fun if you have one child that doesn’t want to hop cushions or want to take pictures that make your child look extremely daring.

Suitable for even the littlest children.

Have fun – chocolate pigs

Looking for ways to use up all of that Easter chocolate? Have fun with out chocolate pigs video tutorial, led by GFS girl Beatrice Morrell.

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