GFS groups are a unique and important space where build their confidence, feel good
about who they are, and make friends.

But you don’t have to take our word for it –
Isla, Ziyal and Bella are here to tell you about GFS themselves.


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Meet Bella

Bella is 10 and joined GFS Anfield in November 2021

Because of my ASD, people at school often take things I say the wrong way. That doesn't happen at GFS - they understand me.


Meet Ziyal

Ziyal is 8 and joined GFS Rusholme in November 2021.

GFS gives me independence that I haven't had at other groups - they can look past my chair and see the real me.


Meet Isla

Isla is 11 and joined GFS Pittington in March 2021.

I would say to anyone who wants to come to GFS, whoever you are, or however they feel, GFS is a place for you and you will always find friends at GFS.