There are many ways you can support GFS as a charity and help us support and many girls and young women as possible.

We believe that empowering girls is vital for building a fair society and it is our mission to this by supporting and inspiring girls and young women. We use our groups create spaces where girls feel safe and valued, so that they can build strong foundations that will prepare them for life’s challenges.

Our work currently reaches girls in London, Durham, Blackpool, Liverpool, Birmingham and many smaller surrounding towns. In the past 12 months we have reached over 500 girls and young women – and we want that number to increase!

If you believe in gender equality and want to support of feminist charity, there are loads of ways to get involved and help us reach more girls and young women.


As a charity, GFS groups are not designed to make a profit. We believe all girls should have access to the opportunities we provide, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Your donations are important for helping us open new groups and support the ones that exist already. Make a donation today.

Become a corporate partner

If your business is searching for ways to support gender equality or to support a charity that makes a difference for girls and young women, we’d love to hear from you. You can find out more about becoming a corporate partner here.

Become a member

Membership to GFS is a way of showing your commitment to girls and young women that also have an impact on our work. Find out about GFS membership today.

Raise funds

There are loads of fun ways to raise funds to help us deliver our activities. Need inspiration? Take a look at our fundraising hub.

Sponsor our key projects

GFS has a successful history of working with charitable trusts and foundations to deliver projects that have an impact for girls and young women. From raising aspirations in areas of depravation, to improving access to sport and STEM, our groups deliver a number of key purposes.

If you would like to discuss project funding, please contact