GFS lockdown activities – Explorers Week

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Just because we can’t leave the country right now, doesn’t mean we can’t dream! And with the right attitude, there’s plenty to explore, right in our own communities.

Adventure is everywhere, so bring your bravest attitude and every ounce of your curiosity as we go exploring.

Skills for life – make your own compass

Learn a bit about finding your direction and make sure you’ll never get lost by learning how to make your very own compass. Follow our instructions here.

Be creative – plan your dream adventure

Essential to any brave new adventure is a plan. This activity encourages big dreams, while also teaching children that researching the destination, landmark or landscape that they’d like to explore will help them enjoy it all the more. Get the activity sheet here.

Get active – making trails

If you’re going exploring, you’ll need to be sure you can find your way back! Plan to go for a walk somewhere you don’t know well (with a grown up) and use our tracking system to find your way back to the start. We’ve shown it using sticks, but you could also use pebbles.

Have fun – make Amelia Earhart’s plane

There are more men than women who are pilots, but it’s time to fix that by becoming an aviator and designing and flying their own plane! First, learn about the incredibly brave, record breaking Amelia Earhart here and then have a go at living the pilot’s life at home with this fun activity.

Happy to be me – be inspired by extraordinary explorers

Explorers break boundaries and achieve feats that some people can hardly imagine! Meet five women adventurers who knew people were wrong when they said exploring was too dangerous for women and see if you can imagine being in their hiking boots.

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