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Shedding a tear when your favourite character dies; being moved by a declaration of love, the shock of finally discovering whodunnit; cheering when a character finally gets what they deserve; laughing at plans gone comically awry. The power of storytelling is amazing. It can be an escape, a way to express yourself and a window into other people’s lives.

This week, we are celebrating storytelling and inspiring children to find ways of sharing their own stories and stretching their imaginations along the way.

My community – The Wrestling Princess live

Stories are all about bringing people together. Join us and other GFS girls around the country for a live reading of The Wrestling Princess, by actress Jessica Martin.

The Wrestling Princess, a classic that was well ahead of its time, follows Princess Ermyntrude and her two favourite hobbies; wrestling and driving fork-lift trucks. The reading will be live on Zoom from 4pm on Monday 11 May and girls will be encourage to ask questions and share their thoughts on the story.

Skills for life – create your own vlog

From online news videos, to building an Instagram following, telling stories online has become a key part of society, and one that only looks set to grow. Soon, telling our own stories through video will be the norm.

Get to grips with some of the fundamentals of online storytelling by creating your own vlog. We’ve got some easy guidance and things to think about here.

Have fun – roll a story

Use our story board and a dice to invent your own stories. This activity encourages children to use their imagination to fill in the gaps, adding as many twists, turns and details as you like to make it more fun.

Get active – take a storytelling walk

Exercise yourself and your imagination by going on a storytelling walk.  This activity combines the pleasures of stories with all the benefits of walking together outdoors.  Instructions here.

Be creative – story jars

Have you heard of story jars? They are a really fun way to create a visual of a favourite book! Think of your favourite book and consider some of the key things in the story that make the book unique and recognisable. For example, if you think of the Harry Potter, you may think of cloaks, his glasses and magic.

The best story jars usually have recycled items that you have at home.  They can become a lovely ornament to keep in your bedroom and a reminder of your favourite book.  You could also make one for someone as a gift – using their favourite book as inspiration! Here are some that some that we made earlier, we’d love to see yours! 

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