Charlotte’s journey to GFS

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After several years working in the care sector, I decided I wanted a change. I spent a good few months looking for a charity that aligned with my own personal values. That’s when I found GFS, a feminist charity with … Continued

Our Findings: Girls need GFS

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Every year we measure our success and impact in different ways. One of the ways in which we do this is with our Annual Impact Report. Like the year preceeding it, last year was a very unique year. 21/22 was … Continued

Celebrating long-time volunteers

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At GFS we’re tremendously lucky to have many fantastic, dedicated volunteers in our community. Many of our volunteers have been with us for decades, guiding countless girls through challenges while supporting them to become confident young women. We’re thankful to … Continued

GFS Pittington turns 20

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This week marks 20 years of GFS Pittington, and 20 years with their outstanding group leader, Jaci Dooley. Jaci has been built a positive environment, in which she also maintains great relationships with the girls and their parents alike. Jaci … Continued

GFS Hackney Seniors is here

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Five years ago on International Women’s Day we launched GFS Hackney. Today, the now buzzing London group had many girls reaching their age threshold. But getting older doesn’t mean they should lose access to such an important space.  So, we … Continued