GFS 20-21 budget summary

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We are most grateful to the volunteers who have supported the budget planning by submitting their plans for the coming year. The rapidly changing situation surrounding the pandemic means that forward planning is not easy, and we know you have … Continued

How to complete your GFS register

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Completing a register each week is an essential safeguarding procedure and must be done at group. Your GFS register in Dropbox should be completed each week and GFS understands it may not be practical to do this at your session.  … Continued

Improving our data security by moving to Dropbox

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As part of GFSs ongoing commitment to data protection we are improving our data security.  From September 2020, we are providing each group with secure storage for digital documents via Dropbox.  What is Dropbox?  Dropbox is a cloud based storage … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Sports Day

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Many children have missed out on so much in the past few months, and one of our girls’ favourite events of the year is always sports day. Here, we’ve created a range of activities that will let you throw a … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Children’s Art Week

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This week we are celebrating Children’s Art Week. This national event has three themes of nature, connecting across generations and creative writing and literacy. The benefits of art (for adults and children) are endless. It can give us a way … Continued