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The way women and women’s stories are handled in the news often leaves a lot to be desired. Many outlets can be sexist, victim blaming and objectifying.

The best way to change the way our stories are viewed is to lift our voices and tell them. This week, we’re looking at the world of news reporting and encouraging girls to share their story.

Be creative – make your own microphone

First things first – every reporter needs their own microphone. Here’s a really easy guide to making yours.

Have fun – make a COVID time capsule

We have been living through a huge moment in history. Sometimes it has been scary, sometimes it has been tough and sometimes it has been plain boring. However, there have been moments of fun, closeness and memories that deserve to be preserved.

Use our time capsule activity to capture your memories of this unique moment and what it meant to you and your loved ones.

Happy to be me – women who share the news

Meet three women who have overcome challenges in their careers as newsreaders to be household names. And then, test yourself on how much you can remember with our quiz. Take me there.

Skills for life – make your own vlog

Not all news comes from newsreaders or is on the TV. Now, you can share your own news through social media. Read our advice and try making your own vlog about news that’s important to you.

Get active – can you keep it professional

Reporters have to share the news from all sorts of locations and get involved with lots of different activities. They also have to be prepared if something goes wrong, like in this famous clip.

Can you give a news report while someone distracts you? Ask your parent or sibling to test your professionalism by creating the following scenarios:

  • A report while doing a workout
  • A report when someone is doing a funny dance
  • A report while someone throws things for you to catch
  • A report while someone tickles you

My community – become an at home reporter

One of the most important skills for a roving reporter is to be able to meet new people and ask them questions. Take on our home reporter challenge and find out a bit about what’s been going on with people in your local community. Check out GFS girl Bea’s reporting video below!

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