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Join the GFS Fab 40

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GFS is looking for 40 fabulous companies to help us raise the £40k we need to launch six new GFS groups in the coming school year.

We are recruiting 40 partners to raise or donate £1,000 to help us reach our target by September 2022. In return, our Fab 40 companies will get:

  • Exclusive networking and training opportunities
    • One hour GFS challenging gender stereotypes workshop for staff with take home resources
    • Invitation to Fab 40 online networking event to meet like-minded businesses
    • Invitation to drinks reception to celebrate at the end of the campaign
  • Increased brand awareness and association with supporting gender equality
    • Feature on our Fab 40 webpage and in our 21/22 annual report
    • Be included in social media coverage of the campaign
    • Receive digital materials to help you promote your contribution among your networks
    • Appear in an SEO optimised article celebrating Fab 40 donations

What difference does £1,000 make?

GFS groups are already making a huge difference to girls in the communities they support.

Our ambition is to open six new groups in the academic year 22/23.

We open groups in areas where girls need us most and are most impacted by a safe, stable, supportive community outside of school and family.

Each group we launch costs £6,000 to run for the first year.

This includes the cost of a dedicated local youth worker to run the group, start up equipment, fee waivers for girls who need them, training volunteers, promotion, venue hire and more.

By joining this campaign, you can be part of the reason we are able to build the wellbeing and self-esteem of an additional 96 girls like Olivia every single week.

How can my company get involved?

  1. Make a corporate donation

If you’re simply looking to make a donation as part of your organisation’s commitment to gender equality, or supporting local causes, you can either make a donation through the website, or contact us on to discuss your preferred way to make a donation.

  1. Start a company-wide fundraiser

Fundraising at work can be great fun. If you’d like to bring your organisation together while fundraising for an excellent cause, get in touch. We have a dedicated team who can support you in coming up with fundraising ideas, creating fundraising material and how to collect funds. Just drop us an email to arrange a call to find out how we can support your fundraising.

  1. Become a match funder

If you’re a decision maker at your organisation and want to give the whole team an incentive to get involved with fundraiser, why not commit your business to matching any funds raised by staff?

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