Our vision: A world where all girls and young women fulfil their potential.

Our mission: To provide opportunities for girls and young women to develop their confidence, self-esteem, wellbeing and resilience.

Our values: To engage every girl, young women, parent, volunteer and member of staff with kindness, trust, respect, empathy and compassion (as informed by our Christian heritage).

Executive director’s notes:

“Of paramount importance to us here at GFS is providing opportunities for girls and young women to come together to have fun and make friends. This alone can have a significant impact on how they feel about themselves, other people and the world around them.

We understand that girls and young women growing up today face a wide variety of challenges. Some are well equipped to deal with these challenges whilst many who lack the skills and abilities to confidently address them can find themselves trying to cope with low self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness and depression. For some, this can manifest itself in self-abuse, body image issues and eating disorders. The support, attention and space these girls and young women need may not be provided at school or in the home.

GFS endeavours to provide a safe, single gender and non-judgemental environment that girls and young women of all backgrounds can thrive and grow in.”

Paul Rompani, Executive Director
Girls Friendly Society

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