GFS groups are a safe space for the girls to explore new ideas and develop their understanding of supporting and accepting one another.

A typical session will have opportunities for girls discuss their week and any plans for future sessions, then they’ll get stuck into one or two activities that follow our themes, and end with reflection.

What do the groups do?

We’re glad you asked!

Each group is different, so on any given week a group could be having an introduction to cricket, a guest talk from a local woman MP, designing their own sheroes or writing positive notes about themselves to read on down days. (Yes, these are all sessions GFS groups have done recently!).

We have amazing volunteers and we encourage them to share their skills and passions with the girls. They also know their girls best and giving them freedom to plan their own activities means they can tailor sessions to your child.

However, we are committed to ensuring that all of our volunteers are supported to make a real difference for girls and young women. Each term, our Programme Coordinator prepares activities that are designed to help girls develop. Volunteers can choose whether to deliver these activities, or come up with their own.

Our programme structure

The programme activities we share with groups are all geared towards helping the girls achieve growth in six key areas that we believe will give them the foundations to face life’s challenges. These six areas combine to make, what we call, The GFS Girl. 

By the end of her time with us, we would like each girl to be able to say (to whatever degree is right for her):GFS girl in a white jumper that says "girls unite", reading out loud from a sheet of paper


1. I can speak up about things that matter to me
2. I am proud of who I am
3. I try again if I have a setback
4. I can try new or unfamiliar things
5. I believe I can achieve my hopes and dreams
6. I can enjoy friendships with all kinds of people

Find your nearest group

Our group finder shows all of our GFS groups. Click on your nearest group to find out when they meet, the group’s age range and to sign up to GFS.


GFS strives to play a part in building a fair society for everyone. This requires an intersectional approach that recognises and respects the rights of all people. We are asked about whether this includes those who identify as transgender. We are proud to say that at GFS, trans women and girls will always be welcome, valued and supported.