We provide personal and social development activities, workshops and courses for girls and young women aged between five and 25.

Our work is delivered by trained volunteers across England and Wales, as well as by our early intervention youth workers and prevention practitioners in Skegness and Great Yarmouth. We provide guidance, advice and information about a number of topics, issues and themes including healthy living, positive relationships, education and independence.

For many girls and young women, their GFS group provides stability and an opportunity to develop their understanding of the importance of supporting and accepting one another, regardless of economic status, race, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation or ability. We also support and promote campaigns addressing issues affecting girls and young women such as sexualisation, abusive relationships, discrimination, lack of equality in the workplace and everyday sexism.

Our programmes are made up of many different activities. Check out our activities database to see them all.

Modern Woman (age 11-14 years):

Sewing and knitting
Household appliances
Homemade cleaning products
Natural beauty products.

Boost (age 11-14 years):

Getting to know you
Rollercoaster (dealing with feelings)
Body image
Love sex and consent

Digital safety (age 11-25)

Internet safety
Healthy relationships
Valuing yourself
Social apps and privacy settings

Tools for Happiness (age 11-25)

Reflection spaces
Intro to GFS
Mental health
Science of happiness
Stress management
My positives A to Z
Free choice volunteering activity
Personal hygiene/ good sleep
Getting advice

Independent Me (age 15-25)

Getting to know you
Self esteem
Healthy eating
Sports- healthy lifestyle
Media influence
Body image
Natural beauty products
Sewing and knitting
Coping mechanisms
Reflection spaces
Women’s rights/voices
The roles of women
Free choice activity

Girl Power (age 5-14)

Self esteem
Healthy relationships
Saying no

Friendship (5-25)

Friendship bracelets
Friendship quilt

Sex and Relationship Education (age 11-25)

Love, sex, consent and the law
Healthy relationships
Sexual health/STIs