What is a GFS Ambassador?

A GFS ambassador is an individual who has been selected to spread the word about GFS via their position of leadership, influence, power or responsibility. Ambassadors support us to build our network of local volunteers, attend or organise events, raise vital funds and generally promote awareness around our charity and our cause.

What is the role of an ambassador?

GFS ambassadors are dedicated and passionate about the GFS vision (‘a world where all girls and young women fulfil their potential’). Ambassadors embrace the mindset that all girls should be treated with kindness, trust, respect, empathy and compassion.

There are a number of ways that our Ambassadors could support us. They include:

  • Providing us with a quote supporting what we do (for our marketing materials and/or our website)
  • Letting us film them saying why they support GFS (repeating their quote)
  • Using your connections and channels to actively promote our work
  • Fundraise for GFS – either by taking part in challenge events, hosting your own fundraisers, or promoting our fundraising campaigns
  • Speak at one of our local/regional/national events

You can view and download our full ambassador pack here – it sets out the different levels of the ambassadorship roles we have on offer and what each one entails. It also explains our responsibilities to individuals as existing or potential GFS ambassadors.

What’s in it for the ambassadors who decide to get on board?

Being a GFS ambassador is an exciting and rewarding experience; they have the satisfaction of knowing they’re making a real difference to a girl or young woman’s life. GFS supports and cross-promotes the work an ambassador does and there is plenty of opportunity to attend events, network and make new friends.

All GFS ambassadors will receive a personalised tool-kit to prepare them for their time with GFS.