GFS lockdown activities – Reporters Week

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The way women and women’s stories are handled in the news often leaves a lot to be desired. Many outlets can be sexist, victim blaming and objectifying. The best way to change the way our stories are viewed is to … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Explorers Week

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Just because we can’t leave the country right now, doesn’t mean we can’t dream! And with the right attitude, there’s plenty to explore, right in our own communities. Adventure is everywhere, so bring your bravest attitude and every ounce of … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Gardening Week

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It’s time to get your hands dirty to celebrate National Children’s Gardening Month. We’ve got a range of green fingered activities, most of which are suitable even if you don’t have a garden! Be creative – make your own bottle … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Engineering Week

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Engineering sounds like an intimidating thing to start getting interested in, but really all it means is taking an interest in how things work. These activities are fun for all children, but are particularly useful for girls. A lack of … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Storytelling Week

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Shedding a tear when your favourite character dies; being moved by a declaration of love, the shock of finally discovering whodunnit; cheering when a character finally gets what they deserve; laughing at plans gone comically awry. The power of storytelling … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Music Week

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This week, we dive into the world of music. There is so much to discover and enjoy and for some, music can become a lifelong passion and source of comfort and self expression. So brace yourselves, it’s time to make … Continued

GFS lockdown activities – Nature week

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With time outside seriously limited at the moment, finding ways to make the most of what outdoor time you can have is important. Here are some of our ideas for brightening up your hour of daily exercise and bringing a … Continued