We run after school groups just for girls.

Research shows that from the age of five, girls start to see themselves and what they can achieve differently. It also found that single-gender spaces encourage girls to take more risks, express themselves and develop their confidence.

So that’s what we do! We support girls to see themselves as having endless potential by providing a fun and safe space for them to explore all of the possibilities.

We recruit volunteers throughout England and Wales to run these girls groups and supply them with confidence building activities that will help girls and young women develop the self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience they need to be the truest, happiest versions of themselves, no matter what life throws at them.

Challenging gender inequality

At GFS, we believe that we can work towards a more equal world for girls and young women by providing access to four key things, from an early age:

  • Single gender spaces
  • A non-competitive environment
  • Women role models
  • A supportive and safe community to learn about themselves in

While many organisations work with teenage girls, who are already struggling with the symptoms of gender inequality, GFS focuses on working with girls from a young age. By doing this, we are able to nurture, strengthen and preserve the positive attributes in a way that will prepare girls for the challenges they will face later in life.

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Our groups

Find out what happens at the groups and the approach to our activities.

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Our impact

Find out how our work makes a difference for girls and young women across England and Wales.

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Our history

Founded by Mary Townsend, GFS has a proud history of supporting girls and women since 1875

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Our locations

The number of our groups in England and Wales is increasing. Find out about your local group.

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Our vision

Discover where we are going and what we hope to achieve as an organisation.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions including our programme, safeguarding and more.