#SheInspiredMe: The activist who taught me to think critically

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When I was in my early 20’s I made a friend that would forever change the way I thought of myself and other women. Liz was not as popular as some of our other mutual friends, because she always put what was right above all else. 

Which, in my mind, is part of what makes her such an amazing person. She has always been honest, sincere and a never-ending champion for women and other marginalised groups. 

Liz was the first serious activist I got close to, she was smart and dedicated, often putting the needs of others before herself. At the time, I didn’t understand feminism at all, not really.  

Liz spoke enthusiastically about the need for feminism in the modern world and what that looked like.

I had taken courses on sex and gender roles in school, but Liz didn’t want to talk about Suffragettes and history – she wanted to talk about what women and girls needed to be safe and supported here and now. 

Liz marched in the streets, volunteered at shelters, and endlessly shared information in such an understandable way that I couldn’t help but be charmed by her.  

I found myself wanting to be more and more like Liz in that way – empathetic, supportive and strong.

I read the articles and books she shared with me, and began my own journey to discovering what feminism and mutual support meant for me.  

Today Liz is one of my best friends and I’m able to share knowledge, passion and emotional support with her equally. But I’m not sure I would have started my journey in supporting women the way I do today if I hadn’t met her, because #SheInspiredMe.  

-Linsey McFadden, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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