Group yoga class


Its well known that yoga has physical and mental health benefits. What might not be as well as known is that girls as young as seven and eight feel stressed out by school, homework, tests, friends and bullies.

We know from experience with our groups of girls that a yoga workshop can be really beneficial in providing them with tools for self-care, relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga can also help with their balance, coordination and flexibility.

We help girls explore different types of activities so that they can feel more confident in exploring the world around them. Donating a yoga workshop to a GFS group is a precious gift that could help girls develop their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

Further Information

GFS is bringing a different kind of after school club to England and Wales.

Our volunteer-run, girls-only social groups meet weekly to give girls the opportunity to develop the self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience they need to be the truest, happiest versions of themselves no matter what life throws at them.

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