Girl bowling
Bowling trip for a GFS girl
When a GFS group is asked where they would like to go on an outing, the two most popular answers are bowling and trampolining. If the group has enough funds, trips are subsidised, but girls are asked to make a contribution. At GFS we don't want any girl to ever feel excluded because of her financial circumstances. If a family cannot afford to make a contribution towards a trip that the group is going on, GFS will find a way to cover the cost. £5 could cover the full ticket price for a bowling trip, so that no girl is left out of the fun and opportunities a GFS group has to offer.
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Chemistry set
Chemistry set
At GFS we challenge gender stereotypes and give girls opportunities to get just as excited about science experiments as glitter crafts. Science gives girls the opportunity to create experiments, see what bubbles and what fizzes, grow crystals or make candy. £35 could give a GFS group an opportunity to learn about the effects of heat, measurements, crystallisation, chemical reactions and more. You can dedicate this gift to a friend or loved one and we will send them a personalised card - just add the details at the checkout.
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Boxes of conversation cubes
Conversation cubes
Conversation cubes can boost listening skills and spark imagination. They are a great social tool to help get the girls in a GFS group talking about themselves, their identity, their lives and the world around them. Conversation cubes are a great resource to use at the beginning of a session to get girls chatting, opening up and connecting with one another.
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Girl holding a cricket bat
Cricket set
Following on from England's historic win at the World Cup, cricket is beginning to take off at GFS and more groups are keen to get their hands on a cricket set so that they can bat and bowl their way to success. At GFS Eldon they took part in the Let's Be Women cricket project, learning new skills such as how to bowl and bat, as well as discussion and reflection.
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Girls get active skipping
Double dutch skipping rope
Skipping is amazing exercise, not only does it build cardiovascular fitness, but it can improve bone density, balance, coordination and muscular endurance. Additionally, it can help develop mental skills such as focus, alertness, spatial awareness and quick reactions. “Get active” is one of the six GFS programme themes – we encourage girls to try an array of fun, challenging and sometimes quirky physical activities. By trying many different things, they can enjoy all the amazing things their bodies are capable of and understand that when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, one box doesn’t fit all. The benefit of using a long rope is that the girls can join in together and make successful skips a group effort, developing their team work, cooperation and communication skills.
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craft supplies for group
GFS group crafts top up kit
Whenever we start a new GFS group we always provide a bumper craft starter kit, but obviously these supplies deplete over time and need topping up. Glue sticks, felt pins and coloured card are often part of a GFS session. Whether its making compliments cards, magazine covers, posters of strong women, pride decorations or Mother's Day cards, it's important to always have craft supplies to hand at GFS.
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Girl power tattoos
Girl power tattoos
Delight and empower the little girl in your life this Christmas with our girl power tattoos. You'll receive three sheets of girls power themed transfer tattoos that can be shared with friends and used to show the boys in the playground who's boss. Designs read 'girls power', 'girls are strong' and 'it's a girls' world'. Perfect stocking fillers!
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Help girls learn to code
Group coding workshop
Coding skills are quickly becoming crucial in modern society and many world leaders in innovation are changing the way we live through technology. Research has found that little progress had been made in encouraging girls into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) or other better-paid career paths. By gifting a coding workshop to a GFS group, you can help girls develop technical literacy and problem solving skills, but more importantly get them excited about and engaged with a topic that could be valuable to them in later life.
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GFS yoga workshop - environmentally friendly gifts
Group yoga class
Its well known that yoga has physical and mental health benefits. What might not be as well as known is that girls as young as seven and eight feel stressed out by school, homework, tests, friends and bullies. We know from experience with our groups of girls that a yoga workshop can be really beneficial in providing them with tools for self-care, relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga can also help with their balance, coordination and flexibility. We help girls explore different types of activities so that they can feel more confident in exploring the world around them. Donating a yoga workshop to a GFS group is a precious gift that could help girls develop their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.
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Girls with feminist books
Inspirational women books
Help show girls and young women they can be anything they want. £17 can provide a local GFS group with empowering, inspirational and motivating books about real life female heroes from Marie Curie to Michelle Obama. With fun illustrations and age appropriate narratives, books are a great way for girls to learn about the amazing achievements of women and feel inspired to reach for their dreams. The stories of amazing women often inspire the activities in GFS groups. Kate Pankhurst's book Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World has sparked the ideas for activities such as learning about flight (Amelia Earhart), making suffragette roses (Emmeline Pankhurst) and first aid lessons (Mary Seacole).
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Colouring mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness colouring book
Everyone needs a calm moment now and again. Mindfulness colouring is a great way of focusing on a simple and relaxing task that provides a chance to be aware of the moment and reflect on feelings and thoughts. In an increasingly busy world full of screen time and social media pressures, mindfulness can be a valuable skill and coping tool to equip girls with. Mindfulness is the process of keeping your attention and thoughts on the present moment and can help to improve mood, concentration, focus and well-being. Simple mindful colouring activities are a great way to introduce the concept of mindfulness to our groups.
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Happy girls in waterproof clothing
Outdoor activity trip for a girl
Outdoor challenge experiences can impact powerfully upon a young person’s physical and social development, offering opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance. Through successfully facing up to challenges, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, girls can make major strides in confidence. If the group has enough funds, trips to outdoor activity centres are subsidised, but girls are asked to make a contribution. At GFS we don't want any girl to ever feel excluded because of her financial circumstances. If a family cannot afford to make a contribution towards a trip to an outdoor activity centre, GFS will find a way to cover the cost. £23 could cover the full cost of a day trip to an outdoor activity centre, so that no girl is left out of the fun and opportunities a GFS group has to offer.
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