If you’re looking for a unique and inspiring present, why not give a gift with a difference. Buy an empowering gift for a GFS group on behalf of your family or friends.

These gifts contain no packaging and don’t involve the purchase of a physical item, making them an eco-friendly option. We offer the option of sending a gift card to the recipient, however you can opt out at the checkout.

At GFS, our vision is a world where all girls and young women can fulfil their potential. By choosing one of our special items, you will be helping to empower girls across England and Wales

Bollywood dance class - eco-friendly gifts
Bollywood dance class
Bollywood dance classes are a firm favourite with GFS girls because they are so much fun. Girls at GFS Stanwix took part for Mental Health Awareness Week, as dance and exercise can contribute to better mental wellbeing. Learning the dance moves helps girls with their coordination skills and new ways in which to move their body. Dancing can also help them improve their confidence and provide an alternative way for them to express themselves. Some girls may not be aware of Bollywood dance and it is a great way to introduce them to another culture.
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Girl bowling
Bowling trip for a GFS girl
When a GFS group is asked where they would like to go on an outing, the two most popular answers are bowling and trampolining. If the group has enough funds, trips are subsidised, but girls are asked to make a contribution. At GFS we don't want any girl to ever feel excluded because of her financial circumstances. If a family cannot afford to make a contribution towards a trip that the group is going on, GFS will find a way to cover the cost. £5 could cover the full ticket price for a bowling trip, so that no girl is left out of the fun and opportunities a GFS group has to offer.
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Girls enjoy drumming - sustainable presents
Drumming workshop
In a drumming and storytelling workshop girls are empowered through the drum. Drumming and percussion can help self-expression, building confidence and developing communication skills. The girls get an opportunity to tell stories and share about themselves and their lives. At GFS we use a range of different activities to help girls build their confidence and ability to speak up. We also provide opportunities for girls to gain different experiences of the world around them. As part of the workshop girls will learn about the tradition of African drumming, making different sounds, different rhythms and working together as a group.
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Help girls learn to code
Group coding workshop
Coding skills are quickly becoming crucial in modern society and many world leaders in innovation are changing the way we live through technology. Research has found that little progress had been made in encouraging girls into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) or other better-paid career paths. By gifting a coding workshop to a GFS group, you can help girls develop technical literacy and problem solving skills, but more importantly get them excited about and engaged with a topic that could be valuable to them in later life.
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Girls learn football skills
Group football skills class
Many of the girls we speak to are passionate that football is not just for boys and they want opportunities to develop their skills, play matches and win tournaments too. A football skills workshop is a great way to introduce football to those who haven't played football before and give girls that are already passionate an opportunity to practice. Learning football skills can help with coordination, reaction times and dexterity. We love to give girls and opportunity to try different sports and activities so they can understand all the amazing things their bodies are capable of and find out what they love. Get Active is one of the six themes of the GFS programme and our sessions always include active games or physical activities.
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Girl on a climbing wall
Group trip to a climbing centre
Going on an offsite trip can be an exciting adventure and a unique opportunity to gain experiences outside of their local vicinity. Climbing and abseiling can help girls and young women feel more confident in themselves as they overcome any fears they might have, as well as help with planning skills, strength and agility. For many GFS girls and young women, a trip to a climbing a centre would not be an opportunity available to them without our subsidies.
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GFS yoga workshop - environmentally friendly gifts
Group yoga class
Its well known that yoga has physical and mental health benefits. What might not be as well as known is that girls as young as seven and eight feel stressed out by school, homework, tests, friends and bullies. We know from experience with our groups of girls that a yoga workshop can be really beneficial in providing them with tools for self-care, relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga can also help with their balance, coordination and flexibility. We help girls explore different types of activities so that they can feel more confident in exploring the world around them. Donating a yoga workshop to a GFS group is a precious gift that could help girls develop their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.
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Girls enjoy healthy cooking
Healthy cooking class
With ready made and instant food so cheap and easily accessible, children can easily overlook where their food comes from and the component parts of a healthy, nutritious and filling meal. Cooking together is an enjoyable activity and girls can learn about different grains, legumes and vegetables, cooking techniques and balancing the food groups. Donating a cooking class can help girls build useful life skills in a fun and friendly environment.
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Teach girls martial arts
Martial arts workshop
At our girls groups we like to provide opportunities to girls to try lots of different sports and physical activities. A martial arts workshop can help girls increase in confidence and learn how powerful and strong they are. Benefits of martial arts for children include developing self control and concentration, as well as coordination and fitness levels. Self defence can help kids be aware of their surroundings and avoid danger. By gifting a martial arts workshop to a GFS group you will be helping spread girl power and physical and emotional wellbeing.
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Happy girls in waterproof clothing
Outdoor activity trip for a girl
Outdoor challenge experiences can impact powerfully upon a young person’s physical and social development, offering opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance. Through successfully facing up to challenges, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, girls can make major strides in confidence. If the group has enough funds, trips to outdoor activity centres are subsidised, but girls are asked to make a contribution. At GFS we don't want any girl to ever feel excluded because of her financial circumstances. If a family cannot afford to make a contribution towards a trip to an outdoor activity centre, GFS will find a way to cover the cost. £23 could cover the full cost of a day trip to an outdoor activity centre, so that no girl is left out of the fun and opportunities a GFS group has to offer.
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Smiling girls in minivan
Overnight trip for a GFS girl
For some GFS girls, a GFS residential weekend is the only opportunity they get to go on holiday. At an activity centre they might get to enjoy high ropes, zip wires, climbing walls, kayaking or archery. A residential weekend is a great chance to have fun with friends, gain independence, face fears and join in team building activities. GFS subsidises the cost of residential trips, but girls are asked to make a contribution. £85 would cover the cost of a weekend away for a girl that cannot afford to pay.
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Girls visit theatre
Theatre trip for a girl
Research shows that taking a child to the theatre can provide a host of developmental benefits including improved emotional intelligence. Many of our groups like to go to see a pantomime at Christmas – the laughter can be a real bonding experience. Often the girls will talk about the show for months afterwards. It is a wonderful memory for girls to share together. Experts have shown that going to the theatre can help children’s understanding of emotions and helps create connections with those who have shared the experience. At GFS we ensure all girls are able to access the same opportunities regardless of the family’s capacity to pay. By donating a theatre trip for a girl you will be enabling a girl who is unable to pay to attend with the rest of her group.
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