Bollywood dance class - eco-friendly gifts
Bollywood dance class
Bollywood dance classes are a firm favourite with GFS girls because they are so much fun. Girls at GFS Stanwix took part for Mental Health Awareness Week, as dance and exercise can contribute to better mental wellbeing. Learning the dance moves helps girls with their coordination skills and new ways in which to move their body. Dancing can also help them improve their confidence and provide an alternative way for them to express themselves. Some girls may not be aware of Bollywood dance and it is a great way to introduce them to another culture.
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craft supplies for group
GFS group crafts top up kit
Whenever we start a new GFS group we always provide a bumper craft starter kit, but obviously these supplies deplete over time and need topping up. Glue sticks, felt pins and coloured card are often part of a GFS session. Whether its making compliments cards, magazine covers, posters of strong women, pride decorations or Mother's Day cards, it's important to always have craft supplies to hand at GFS.
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Craft kit for a group
Group craft starter kit
Paper, coloured pens, glue sticks, sequins, fabric pens, paint and more. Getting creative - colouring, drawing, moulding, cutting and sticking is a great way for girls to explore different themes and have fun. That's why each new GFS group gets a bumper craft starter kit to get them going. From making posters about what in means to be a girl in modern society, to designing girl power t-shirts and making friendship collages, providing a craft starter kit to a new group gives them lots of opportunities to explore.
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T-shit design project
T-shirt design project
The clothes we wear can help us express who we are. One of our girls' favourite activities is getting creative and designing t-shirts to take home and wear again and again. We teach girls about the iconic business woman, Coco Chanel and inspire them to create t-shirt designs that reflect their interests, beliefs and personalities and wear them proudly to show the world.
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