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As you will all know, we now have a smaller Operations Team than we did at the start of 2020. We have taken some time to think about how we should address this.

We are in a pandemic and need to plan not only how we support our wonderful groups and their volunteers now, but also the growth that will follow.  The immediate priority is to ensure everyone feels safe and supported to achieve a safe return. We also want to make sure girls feel supported by access to a virtual programme and a national virtual programme. This will be followed by our work to grow the organisation once again.

Piloting a new approach

An internal review has taken place, looking at some solutions, roles and responsibilities. The proposal below is the result of our thinking which sees Kim and Jem pilot new roles by becoming full-time and taking responsibility for the North and South of England with shared responsibility for Wales. This plan also sees our Programme Lead, Maisha, join Beverley and Carla in the People Team. This is a mutual pilot for us to assess how it working for the organisation and the individuals but will become effective from 18 January.  We will review it and some key objectives over the next few months at key intervals.

The pilot has been developed based on feedback and learning as well as experience in the sector. We see that this could give us the opportunity to have more consistency across the organisation, more shared learning and full time support from the team.

For clarity, the groups will be covered as follows:

  • North region, supported by Kimberley Ward: All North West and North East groups
  • South region, supported by Jemma Moonie-Dalton: All London and South groups and Midlands groups
  • Wales, shared support.

Additional support

We have recently seen some real success from investing in additional support at group level, for example in the work piloted by Naomi at Blyth and Erin at Chester-le-Street. This will be developed further where appropriate as part of our plan going forwards.

Share your thoughts

The key objective of this plan is for groups to have strong, coordinated leadership, the leadership team to have operational input and the strategy to be achieved for girls we support.

We sincerely believe that the pilot will enable us to achieve all of these but recognise we have work to do in the meantime! We’d love hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have about this plan going forward. Kim, Jem and Laura will all be available to discuss at our next volunteer coffee morning – details below.

Volunteer coffee morning, 10am 22 January

Meeting ID: 926 3888 6325

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