Neath and Townhill groups officially open

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Summer launch season is well underway, with two buzzing new groups opening in Wales.

GFS Townhill went first, opening on 21 June. The night was such a huge success thanks to our fantastic local Group Coordinator, Shelley, and her amazing volunteer team.

They were so well organised and relaxed that our CEO said, ‘it felt as if they have been a team forever’.

The volunteers are such a fun group of people to be around, you can see the girls are looking up to each and everyone of them as role models – women they want to be like.

The girls could not wait to get started and the noise from their excitement was contagious.

Townhill was a vibrant (loud!) launch in a great venue where Shelley and the volunteers really responded to the girls and created a lovely atmosphere –  I doubt girl retention here will be a problem as the girls were already asking what they will be doing in future weeks!

-Kim, Head of Operations for the North

The group was supported by Cllr Cyril Anderson and Cllr Lesley Walton who joined the opening ceremony, sharing a few words on the importance of GFS in Townhill, before cutting the ribbon and formally declaring the group open.

Within the group, we met girls who had come on their own without friends to keep them company, as well as girls with support needs, but it was only seconds before they were all having fun and making friends.

They are extraordinary and we didn’t want to leave because they are so good to be around!

-GFS CEO, Laura Sercombe

GFS Neath opened the following day on 22 June. The group opened under the baking sunshine in a great venue right in the middle of town.

As the launch time approached we saw girls coming up towards the front door all excited to be a part of what was going on for them.

The girls here started fairly quietly, but the team did a brilliant job. By the time we left, they were chattering away, enjoying the activities, and sharing activities they enjoy outside the group.

It was wonderful to have the support of the local council with Mayor Penry in attendance. The mayor sat and talked to the girls about how vital inspiration was from role models, such as the GFS Neath volunteers.

She applauded the amazing team and said she was going back to talk to all council staff about getting involved and being part of such a great opportunity.

GFS Neath girls were quick to trust each other and enjoy each other’s friendship, with gentle nurturing from Clare and her team. We are so confident in this group to have a bright future for girls who really need the support to be proud of who they are.

Many thanks to everyone for all their input and support in these launches – all has made for really strong groups, particularly thanks and well done to Clare and Shelley!

-Kim, Head of Operations for the North

Next up is Bishop Auckland on 5 July!

With thanks The Oakdale Trust, Warburton’s Community Fund, The Austin Bailey Foundation, and The Margaret Davies Charity for supporting the launch of GFS Townhill.

And with thanks to Pobl Trust for supporting the launch of GFS Neath.



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