GFS Pilling: Keeping Village Traditions Afloat

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From scarecrow competitions to village galas, most UK villages have their own quirks and traditions – some even dating back hundreds of years. It’s no different for Pilling, a village based within the Wyre borough of Lancashire, celebrating its annual Coffee Feast on the last Saturday of July. The event dates back many years to when a ‘Feast day’ was held in honour of a saint. Back then, coffee was viewed as a precious commodity and on that particular day it was served to all villagers as a special treat!

GFS has groups all across England and Wales and we love to get involved in the local community – whether through fundraising, celebrating or even representing GFS. We were thrilled to hear that the Leaders, volunteers and girls and young women all got involved in Pilling’s Coffee Feast Day, waving the flag for GFS via a procession boat through the village’s centre. Sandra Carter and her daughter Rebecca, who are volunteers of GFS, came up with the idea of a ‘change trailer’ so that people could donate on the day if they wished to.

The Pilling group made sure all hands were on deck in the planning, decorating and procession of the boat and even called on the kindness of their neighbours and friends for support (you never know when you might need a friend who owns a boat!)

The GFS girls and young women, who were encouraged to dress up as superheroes for the event, lived up to their outfits and raised £130! Well done everyone – you’re awesome!


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