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Police and Crime Commission for Northumbria joins forces with local charity to create a supportive group for teens in Blyth 

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria has provided a local charity with funds to open a new girls-only social group in Blyth.  

The aim of the group will be to give local young women aged 10-14 an opportunity to be inspired by female role models and feel more positive about their lives. It is hoped that access to a supportive, safe environment will give girls the confidence to grow in confidence and aspirations. 

The group will primarily be run by volunteers and supported by a qualified Youth Worker, funded by the Northumbria PCC. Sessions are intended to be informal, fun and non-competitive, helping girls build their self-esteem and resilience.  

Helen Morrell, the GFS Regional Coordinator for the North East said: 

“This group has the potential to make a huge difference in the local community. We have seen how isolated the girls can be in Blyth and other similar coastal towns in the North East, and their frustration with a lack of access to constructive, fun or engaging activities. This is an amazing opportunity to address that. 

Our sessions will encourage the young women to learn about issues that are relevant to them and how to make positive life choices. There will also be lots of opportunities to get involved in games, crafts, sports, trips and outdoor activities.” 

GFS is now looking for women to help set up the group and to run the group once it starts. Interested parties don’t need to have experience in working with children to get involved, just a passion for improving the lives of young women, as GFS will provide the training needed. 

In the initial stages of the project, volunteers will have the support of a qualified youth worker, who will plan all activities and manage the running of the group. The group will provide a safe and non-judgmental space where young women can let go and be themselves, so the work is incredibly valuable. 

We are hoping to launch the group in March – if you’re feeling inspired to make a difference for girls living in and around Blyth, find out more about volunteering at 

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