Fundraising successes all round

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We would like to congratulate all of the groups that have had fundraising success in recent months. All of your hard work is paying off and providing amazing opportunities for the girls and young women in your groups.

Supermarket schemes

GFS Swinton has been raising funds through the national Co-op scheme since October last year. So far their running total is up to a whopping £780.61. We will be checking back in with GFS Swinton in October to find out what they want to spend the total amount raised on.

We have had multiple successes with Waitrose; GFS Leytonstone has raised £174, GFS Hackney has raised £316 and GFS Bearwood has raised £350. All of the groups are still planning what to do with the money, but Leytonstone and Hackney are very keen to go on trips out, which neither group has done before.


GFS Pittington aim for a strike

Absolutely amazing work to all of the groups that took part in the Skipathon, great fun was had by all. Some groups had some wonderful fundraising success, but we want to emphasise that sponsorship isn’t necessary to take part in such events. Some groups took part and had a lot of fun skipping but did not raise any funds. We are aware that sponsorship doesn’t work for some groups. However, we will keep offering it as an option as it works well for others. In total we raised £890.10 through the Skipathon and some groups raised extra funds by sending their sponsorship forms with Gift Aid declarations to the Fundraising Coordinator. GFS Pilling and Pittington both went on bowling trips with the funds raised.

iPad and printer for GFS Pilling

Justine, the Treasurer at GFS Pilling applied to a local trust for a grant of £500 and was successful – well done Justine. The group has bought an iPad and printer with the money and has a little left over for ink supplies. Thanks for your hard work Justine and thanks to Moons Trust for the grant.

Trustee success on Facebook

Many thanks to our Trustee, Emma, who set up our first birthday fundraiser on Facebook and raised a wonderful £41. Thanks Emma for being a trendsetter, let’s hope many more follow in your footsteps.

If you have had success with fundraising, please do let Hannah, the Fundraising Coordinator, know on Please also reach out if you need any help or support with your fundraising efforts.

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