The programme we deliver through our groups, aims to increase the self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing and resilience of the girls and young women who attend them.

These important ‘soft’ outcomes can be difficult to measure but we strive to develop effective ways of measuring the change that has taken place in the girls and young women we engage. This will enable us to better support them in the future.

As we roll out our new impact management approach across the organisation we look forward to sharing the outcomes of our work, what we have learnt and how we can improve.

“My daughter is really enjoying GFS, which is so lovely to see. At other clubs we tried, she was shy and a bit reluctant to join in, but she seems quite confident with your team and the other girls.”

– parent, London

Our year in review

Take a look at our 2017/18 Annual Review to see what impact we made and how we managed our finances over the 2017/18 financial year.

You can also see our 16/17 Annual Review here.

Satisfaction Survey 2017

See what girls, young women, parents and volunteers had to say about our service.