There is strong evidence that girls thrive in a single-gender space. Access to this space can build girls’ confidence and let them test their limits in a safe environment.

There is also compelling evidence in support of access to a wide range of women role models. Research from Southern Methodist University found that there was “strong evidence of the impact of women role models on women students moving into fields of study in which men are traditionally over-represented, and that the encounters served as an inspiration.”

This is where we come in…

For nearly 150 years, GFS has been improving girls and women’s lives through this mix of single gender spaces and women role models.  We believe our offering can help girls build the strong foundations they require to face and overcome the challenges they will face in life.

The programme we deliver through our groups, aims to increase the self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing and resilience of the girls and young women who attend them.

These important ‘soft’ outcomes can be difficult to measure but we strive to develop effective ways of measuring the change that has taken place in the girls and young women we engage. This will enable us to better support them in the future.

As we roll out our new impact management approach across the organisation we look forward to sharing the outcomes of our work, what we have learnt and how we can improve.

“My daughter is really enjoying GFS, which is so lovely to see. At other clubs we tried, she was shy and a bit reluctant to join in, but she seems quite confident with your team and the other girls.”

– parent, London

Our year in review

2018/19 was a year where GFS started to establish how and where it fit into the landscape of charities for girls and young women. Take a look at our 18/19 Impact Report here to find out more about what we got up to.

Take a look at our 2017/18 Impact Report to see what impact we made in the 2017/18 financial year.

You can also see our 16/17 Annual Review here.

Our Annual Report

You can see our Oct18-Sept19 Annual Report, here.

Our impact

In July 2019, we asked parents of the girls who attend our groups, what impact they thought attending GFS groups had made on their girls.

Here’s what they said.