Our staff team all play different roles in enabling GFS volunteers to provide safe, single gender, informal groups where girls and young women can develop and grow. Each staff member brings experience, unique skills and a passion for tackling gender inequality.

London office

Laura Sercombe

Laura Sercombe

Chief Executive Officer

I am so very proud to be CEO at GFS. My role allows me to work with the whole team to make sure we are delivering the vision that our founder Mary Townsend established in 1875. Since then, the charity has continued to respond to the needs of the time and this makes it a vibrant and relevant organisation to be a part of. Our work today is all about inspiring and empowering girls and young women to be free to be themselves and feel proud of who they are. We are delivering this work in locations where research says this is most needed.

My career has been more than 25 years in the third sector for national and local charities devoted to championing fairness and equality. Research has demonstrated that girls and women still suffer significant inequality today and I am determined that we will do all we can to adjust this sense of imbalance. This is an exciting place to be right now because we have work to do that matters and that inspires us all. Outside of work I really enjoy spending time with my family, but they all know that they come second to my very naughty spaniels – Woody and Pepper!

Vicky Bamber

Office Coordinator

I carry out a wide range of activities, which include sending out merchandise and GFS membership letters through to supporting the team with any admin that they may need help with.

I have mainly worked in the charity sector and children and young people organisation’s as I feel that they are the future generation and need to have a voice and be heard, which led me to GFS.

When I’m not in the office I sit on a Resident Association as the Secretary and Committee Member, so I can be found voicing my opinion and fighting for residents’ rights.

Vency Da Silva

Finance Officer

I make sure our books balance and looks after the day to day operations of the finance department. I’m always busy looking after my big family and love to cook.

Nic Shoults

Head of Finance and Support Services

I am the Head of Finance and Support Services for GFS, with responsibility for finance and back office function of the charity. I am a charity finance specialist with a background in finance and resources. Ensuring financial stability is a key driver for me and I thrive on future-proofing processes and making sure a charity’s infrastructure is strong enough to support organisational growth.

As a non-binary person I see so often how gender stereotypes can be barriers to success, or to the way someone wants to live their life. I am here to play my part in creating equity within systems and to give my voice towards a trans-inclusive service, ensuring every girl and young woman gets the support they need from GFS.

I am a Trustee at Off the Record – a charity providing counselling to young people in Croydon, Merton and Surrey. When not in work I can often be found watching football and reading comics.

Michelle Roebuck

Management Accountant

I look after our Management Accounts and I am responsible for keeping tabs on GFS spending and budgets.

My background is Dance and Theatre and I have worked for a number of charity arts organisations looking after their finances. I have also worked for commercial theatre working as an Executive Assistant for creative agency Dewynters supporting West End shows.

Many years ago, as a young girl, I actually belonged to a GFS group – so I was very excited to get involved again later in life and to help support this very worthy organisation. I have two girls myself who keep me very busy and I am enjoying watching them grew up into strong and confident young ladies!

Chloe Gambrill

Trust Fundraising Coordinator

I’m part of the GFS Fundraising team, working with Trusts and Foundations to generate fundraising income to support GFS. I have a keen interest in fundraising and the third sector, having completed a degree in Charity Development. I’m very grateful and proud to be putting my passion into the change that GFS achieves in the lives of girls and young women across England and Wales.

In my spare time you’ll usually find me out on an adventure, or on the sofa with my cats and a cup of tea.

Carla Grauls

Volunteer Recruitment and Training Manager

I help with volunteering-related questions or concerns including recruiting, training and recognising volunteers. I am keen to make sure that the GFS volunteer experience is a valuable and interesting one.

I started my charity career in a small feminist organisation which offered healthy relationships education to young people in secondary schools in London. I’ve worked for a number of different charity organisations and with people from all walks of life. When not working, the Hampstead Ladies pond is my favourite place to be in the summer.

Linsey McFadden

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

I’m responsible for brainstorming ideas and creating fresh content across our platforms. I get to support the needs of the full GFS community in a very unique way. I hope to continue increasing GFS presence while also raising the inclusivity of our communications.

As a disabled person from a low-income background, I am very dedicated to finding new ways to support girls to overcome the barriers they face in life. When not working I am generally doing something in the underground music community or hiding at home cuddling my giant fluffy cat.

Dee Kennedy

Trust Fundraising Coordinator

I help raise funds for GFS through Trust and Foundation grant applications. I’ve been a fundraiser for over a decade, raising money for causes I’m very passionate about and I’m proud to be part of the GFS team.

As a disabled woman, I love helping to enable girls to become tenacious in overcoming life’s obstacles as part of an organisation driven by intersectional feminism.

In my down time I can usually be found with my nose in a good book or crocheting jumpers for my little dog, Molly.

Ellie Stone

Head of Fundraising and Communications

I’m responsible for all of internal and external communications. I also manage our fundraising efforts. Among other things, I’m the first port of call for media enquiries, look after the GFS website and support trust fund applications.

I have three younger sisters and grew up in a family of strong women, which was a key part of my drive to work in the sector and help other girls and young women have the role models and inspiration that I did. When not in the office, I usually can be found enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Regional Staff

Jemma Moonie-Dalton

Head of Operations (South)

I’m the Head of Operations for the Midlands and South. I take a lead on launching new groups in the region and helping existing groups to grow and thrive.

I rediscovered my feminism after having children, and seeing with fresh eyes how far we still have to go in the journey to gender equality. Outside of the office I can usually be found getting muddy in Epping Forest with the family or binging my latest favourite podcast or box set.

Kimberley Ward

Head of Operations (North)

I am the Head of Operations for the North, with our groups spread from Scottish Borders to Manchester, Durham and Liverpool. I have worked professionally in charitable organisation’s for a large part of my career, whilst also volunteering in various settings working with young people. GFS has enabled me to combine the two passions and it is a privilege to be able to advocate for and work with girls and young women and our amazing volunteers. 

In my spare time I enjoy taking the family to festivals with our friends or taking my dogs out running – usually very slowly. 

Eden Turner

Operations Assistant (South)

I am the Operations Assistant for the South of England. I recently graduated from the University of Sussex, studying Sociology. I have experience in charity work on a voluntary level, and was keen to transfer this to my profession after finishing my degree. My long-term goal is to be a social researcher in the charity sector!

In my spare time, you will find me at different live music events or dabbling in some street photography.