All girls and young women need to be registered with us before they can attend a Girls Friendly Society (GFS) group.

Please note that by submitting this form your daughter is not automatically added to a GFS group. We will need to discuss your daughter's eligibility to join beforehand (see our eligibility page for more information), or she may be added to a waiting list if the group is full. Either way, we will be in touch.
We will not sell your data to anyone or use it in any way other than what is stated in this form.

If you’re a young woman (aged 16+) who is looking to sign up yourself, please visit the For Young Women page.

Please note that we are not currently accepting any new registrations for GFS Aigburth and GFS Pilling groups due to their long waiting lists.

Sign your daughter up to GFS

Please select your local GFS group from the list.
If you’re not sure which is your local group, please visit the locations page

Was your daughter referred to GFS through a service or professional body?

If so, who were you referred by?

About your daughter

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Her home address
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Equality and diversity
What is her native language?

What is her ethnic origin?

What is her religion or belief?

Getting to and from GFS
What method(s) will/does she use to travel to and from GFS sessions?
Walk aloneWalk with friend(s) under 18.Walk with adult.Car with adult.Bus/public transport alone.Bus/public transport with friend(s) under 18.Bus/public transport with adult.Drive herself.Other

Is she currently in education/ training?
Yes - primary schoolYes - secondary schoolYes - college/ sixth formYes - home-schooledYes - in training or an apprenticeship programmeNo

If she is currently in education, where does she study?

Medical and access
Does she have any medical conditions/allergies/disabilities that group leaders should consider when planning activities?

If so, please describe:

Photographs and footage
Our volunteers and staff sometimes take videos and photographs of girls and young women participating in their group’s activities. These are mainly used as evidence of working towards GFS programmes and in the group’s private Facebook Group. On occasion, your child’s photo may be used in our marketing to help promote GFS services to others in a n appropriate manner. We would never force your daughter to be in any images or videos they don't want to be in.

Do you consent to any photographs and videos being taken of your child while participating in GFS activities?

By selecting 'no'', we will flag this with the Group Leader to strictly ensure that your daughter is not included in any images (including in group photos and those which are used as evidence when working towards awards). Is there a particular reason for this that you wish to disclose?

Parent information

First Emergency contact details
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Phone number

Your relationship with the girl or young women being registered:

Second emergency contact details
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Their email

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Contacting your daughter

The following questions are completely optional

I consent to providing my daughter’s mobile number should GFS need to contact her if urgent eg, a session alteration, an emergency or to be contacted during a trip.
(eg, a session alteration, an emergency or to be contacted during a trip.)

Daughters phone number. (optional)

Enter your daughters email if you would like her to be contacted by GFS about GFS news, activities, campaigns and issues she might be interested in. (optional)

Enter your email if you would like to be contacted by GFS about GFS news, activities, campaigns and issues my daughter might be interested in. (optional)

How did you first hear about GFS?

Parent/guardian consent
1. I consent to the administration of medical treatment to my child if necessary whilst participation in GFS activities.
2. I agree to Girls Friendly Society keeping information about my child as part of her membership to the organisation. This information will be kept in strict confidentiality subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will include health, disability, and emergency details.
3. I consent to the attendance of my child at Girls Friendly Society activities when the persons in charge of the young people will be an employee, volunteer or agent of GFS and agree to the conditions detailed.

I agree to the parent/guardian consent above.

I have read and agreed to the GFS agreement