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Cover the cost of a GFS girl

From: £32.00 / month

At GFS, our service available to all girls, regardless of their economic background.

The average cost of providing one month of GFS activities for a girl or young woman is £40.
The average fee we charge is £2 per week.

Can you help us bridge the gap?

For £32 a month, you can cover the additional cost of one GFS girl

For £40 a month, you can cover the full cost of a girl who otherwise could not afford to attend.


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Further Information

At our weekly groups, we aim to help girls develop the foundations that will help her face life’s challenges. By the end of her time with us, we want every girl to be able to say:

1. I can speak up about things that matter to me
2. I am proud of who I am
3. I try again if I have a setback
4. I can try new or unfamiliar things
5. I believe I can achieve my hopes and dreams
6. I can enjoy friendships with others

GFS supports groups by developing and funding the activities they do, as well as offering vital training and promotion.

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Monthly donation

£32 per month, £40 per month

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