Chemistry set
Chemistry set
At GFS we challenge gender stereotypes and give girls opportunities to get just as excited about science experiments as glitter crafts. Science gives girls the opportunity to create experiments, see what bubbles and what fizzes, grow crystals or make candy. £35 could give a GFS group an opportunity to learn about the effects of heat, measurements, crystallisation, chemical reactions and more. You can dedicate this gift to a friend or loved one and we will send them a personalised card - just add the details at the checkout.
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Help girls learn to code
Group coding workshop
Coding skills are quickly becoming crucial in modern society and many world leaders in innovation are changing the way we live through technology. Research has found that little progress had been made in encouraging girls into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) or other better-paid career paths. By gifting a coding workshop to a GFS group, you can help girls develop technical literacy and problem solving skills, but more importantly get them excited about and engaged with a topic that could be valuable to them in later life.
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Girls making slime
Non-toxic slime making kit
The slime making craze is sweeping the nation and is very popular with our groups and also a great way to start getting GFS girls engaged with fun science experiments.. At GFS our groups try different recipes to see which ingredients make the best slime and user their creative skills to try different colours, sparkles and shimmers. When making slime in our groups we always make sure to use safe (Borax free) ingredients.  
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