Girl with mixing bowl
Baking resources
Whilst baking might be a gender stereotypical activity, it is a great opportunity to learn about following instructions, different measurements and food hygiene - the best bit being you get to eat all the goodies at the end. Lots of our groups like to include cooking and baking sessions to help build essential life skills. For example, to celebrate Pride, GFS Dunvant baked lots of goodies and decorated them with the colours of the rainbow.
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Girls get active skipping
Double dutch skipping rope
Skipping is amazing exercise, not only does it build cardiovascular fitness, but it can improve bone density, balance, coordination and muscular endurance. Additionally, it can help develop mental skills such as focus, alertness, spatial awareness and quick reactions. “Get active” is one of the six GFS programme themes – we encourage girls to try an array of fun, challenging and sometimes quirky physical activities. By trying many different things, they can enjoy all the amazing things their bodies are capable of and understand that when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, one box doesn’t fit all. The benefit of using a long rope is that the girls can join in together and make successful skips a group effort, developing their team work, cooperation and communication skills.
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Craft kit for a group
Group craft starter kit
Paper, coloured pens, glue sticks, sequins, fabric pens, paint and more. Getting creative - colouring, drawing, moulding, cutting and sticking is a great way for girls to explore different themes and have fun. That's why each new GFS group gets a bumper craft starter kit to get them going. From making posters about what in means to be a girl in modern society, to designing girl power t-shirts and making friendship collages, providing a craft starter kit to a new group gives them lots of opportunities to explore.
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Girls enjoy healthy cooking
Healthy cooking class
With ready made and instant food so cheap and easily accessible, children can easily overlook where their food comes from and the component parts of a healthy, nutritious and filling meal. Cooking together is an enjoyable activity and girls can learn about different grains, legumes and vegetables, cooking techniques and balancing the food groups. Donating a cooking class can help girls build useful life skills in a fun and friendly environment.
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Colouring mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness colouring book
Everyone needs a calm moment now and again. Mindfulness colouring is a great way of focusing on a simple and relaxing task that provides a chance to be aware of the moment and reflect on feelings and thoughts. In an increasingly busy world full of screen time and social media pressures, mindfulness can be a valuable skill and coping tool to equip girls with. Mindfulness is the process of keeping your attention and thoughts on the present moment and can help to improve mood, concentration, focus and well-being. Simple mindful colouring activities are a great way to introduce the concept of mindfulness to our groups.
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Girls making slime
Non-toxic slime making kit
The slime making craze is sweeping the nation and is very popular with our groups and also a great way to start getting GFS girls engaged with fun science experiments.. At GFS our groups try different recipes to see which ingredients make the best slime and user their creative skills to try different colours, sparkles and shimmers. When making slime in our groups we always make sure to use safe (Borax free) ingredients.  
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T-shit design project
T-shirt design project
The clothes we wear can help us express who we are. One of our girls' favourite activities is getting creative and designing t-shirts to take home and wear again and again. We teach girls about the iconic business woman, Coco Chanel and inspire them to create t-shirt designs that reflect their interests, beliefs and personalities and wear them proudly to show the world.
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Girls visit theatre
Theatre trip for a girl
Research shows that taking a child to the theatre can provide a host of developmental benefits including improved emotional intelligence. Many of our groups like to go to see a pantomime at Christmas – the laughter can be a real bonding experience. Often the girls will talk about the show for months afterwards. It is a wonderful memory for girls to share together. Experts have shown that going to the theatre can help children’s understanding of emotions and helps create connections with those who have shared the experience. At GFS we ensure all girls are able to access the same opportunities regardless of the family’s capacity to pay. By donating a theatre trip for a girl you will be enabling a girl who is unable to pay to attend with the rest of her group.
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