Girls visit theatre
Theatre trip for a girl
Research shows that taking a child to the theatre can provide a host of developmental benefits including improved emotional intelligence. Many of our groups like to go to see a pantomime at Christmas – the laughter can be a real bonding experience. Often the girls will talk about the show for months afterwards. It is a wonderful memory for girls to share together. Experts have shown that going to the theatre can help children’s understanding of emotions and helps create connections with those who have shared the experience. At GFS we ensure all girls are able to access the same opportunities regardless of the family’s capacity to pay. By donating a theatre trip for a girl you will be enabling a girl who is unable to pay to attend with the rest of her group.
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Girl jumping on the trampoline
Trampoline park trip for a girl
When a GFS group is asked where they would like to go on an outing, the two most popular answers are bowling and trampolining. If the group has enough funds, trips are subsidised, but girls are asked to make a contribution. Trampolining is a great way to have fun whilst keeping get and active. Girls can bounce around having fun with friends whilst burning off excess energy and learning to love the amazing things their bodies are capable of. At GFS we don't want any girl to ever feel excluded because of her financial circumstances. If a family cannot afford to make a contribution towards a trip that the group is going on, GFS will find a way to cover the cost. £8 could cover the full ticket price for a trampolining trip, so that no girl is left out of the fun and opportunities a GFS group has to offer.
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GFS group venue
Venue hire for a session
Without a safe and accessible venue our weekly girl empowerment sessions wouldn't be able to go ahead. In some locations we are very generously given the use of a a free venue, in other locations we need to pay up to as much as £30 an hour. Donate the average cost of venue hire of £18 and help a group of girls meet in a local venue to make friends, have fun and build confidence and self-esteem
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