Welcome to GFS Stanwix

GFS Stanwix has moved online!

We are holding weekly sessions on Mondays at 7pm, via Zoom. They’re a great way to help keep girls connected and entertained during this difficult time.

If you’re a regular member, get in touch or look in your local Facebook groups for the log in details. If you haven’t been to GFS before, you’re still very welcome! Just sign up via the link below.

GFS online sessions are totally free

Welcome to GFS Stanwix

We’re a weekly girls’ youth group, open to all girls and young women aged 7-16.

We offer weekly sessions which provide a space for girls and young women to meet new friends in a relaxed, girls-only environment and – most importantly – to have fun.

GFS groups are volunteer-led and run all over England and Wales. We offer a range of fun weekly activities including crafts, life skills, sports and games, as well as the occasional trip out and residential. We also provide advice and workshops on a variety of topics for our older groups.

Our weekly girls-only groups offer young women the opportunity to:

  • Have fun – Develop new supportive friendships and take part in activities, be creative and enjoy themselves.
  • Get advice and support – Our volunteers are there every week to offer a friendly ear and chat to our girls and young women, we can also give advise on how to seek professional help if needed.
  • Try something new – We encourage girls and young women to learn new practical skills and hobbies and go on trips to new places.

Our programme of activities are fun, but ultimately designed to develop self confidence, life skills and resilience through being part of a supportive, non-judgmental group of girls and young women.

Group leader

Lyn Marriot

Emma Wallace

Laura McCluskey

Brownyn Jordan

Deb Royston

Group age range

Age 7-16 years

Group meeting time

Mondays during term time, 6.30pm-8pm

Weekly Fee

Those who are unable to contribute will still be able to participate

This group is currently full and are operating a waiting list. If you wish to apply, please do so and we will update you on a quarterly basis as to availability of places.

Group location

St Michaels Parish Centre, Church Street, Stanwix, Carlisle CA3 9DJ

If you have concerns about coronavirus, please see our parent advice here.