GFS Pittington has moved online!

We are holding weekly sessions with our friends at GFS Eldon.

The sessions will take place from 6-7pm on Thursdays, via Zoom. They’re a great way to help keep girls connected and entertained during this difficult time.

If you’re a regular member, get in touch or look in your local Facebook groups for the log in details.

GFS online sessions are totally free

Welcome to GFS Pittington

We are a fun weekly group for local girls aged 7-12. The group is run by an amazing team of trained volunteers who run different activities with us every week.

We do loads of different things at our sessions, and there’s more about the GFS programme and how it helps girls try new things and build confidence here, but here are some examples:

    • Team challenges so we can learn to work together
    • Learning about incredible women who can inspire us
    • Trips that help us learn independence
    • Games and sports to get us active
    • Just having loads of laughs and fun without any worries

Everyone is welcome at GFS Pittington and being kind to one another is at the heart of our group – we all benefit so much from the friends we make here. If you’d like your child to come along and see what GFS is all about, just fill out the registration form and one of our volunteers will get in touch with you right away.

This group includes some elements of faith.

Group leader(s)

Jaci Dooley

Group age range

7-12 years

Group meeting time

Every Thursday during term time, 6pm

Weekly Fee

Those who are unable to contribute will still be able to participate

Group location

Pittington Village Hall, Pittington, Durham DH6 1AE