About GFS Pelton Fell

We offer weekly sessions providing a space for girls and young women to meet new friends in a relaxed, girls-only environment. We host a range of fun activities including crafts and life skills, games and trips out to help develop confidence and self-esteem. We also provide advice and workshops on a variety of topics for our older groups.

Please note that GFS Pelton Fell is temporarily closed.
Group leader(s)

Emma Chicken

Group age range

13-18 years

Group meeting time

Every Monday 4.30pm

Weekly Fee

Those who are unable to contribute will still be able to participate

Group location

The Brockwell Centre, Craghead Road, Pelton Fell, Co. Durham DH2 2NH

Your regional development coordinator is:

Helen Morrell

email: helen@girlsfriendlysociety.org.uk
phone: 020 7837 9669/07540 413 993