Girls from GFS Rothwell hosting a tea party
Girls at GFS Rothwell hosted their own tea party

Print some of our fabulous GFS bunting or make your own and decorate your living room, village hall or community centre for a girl power themed tea party!  

We can provide you with a template poster and invitation for advertising your tea party –  all you have to do is fill in the time, date and location. We recommend advertising your tea party on Facebook, in local groups and in any relevant local newsletters (for example a school or church newsletter).  

Ready, steady, bake

If the pressure is on when it comes to baking, remember that many people will be coming because they want to support GFS and won’t begrudge you a few shop bought items. Try and spread the load and get friends, family and volunteers to contribute. If you are part of a GFS group, you could decorate cakes and biscuits in your weekly session. It’s always good to remember that not everyone has a sweet tooth and if you have a selection of savoury and sweet things, people might be tempted to have more.  

For the star baker

If you have a particularly good baker in your midst perhaps they can bake something extra special that you can raffle or auction. To make the most of your event you could ask local business to donate prizes and host a raffle or tombola. If it is likely that there will be children at your event, you could organise a few party games, if it is more likely to be adults you could try a light-hearted quiz to keep everyone entertained, perhaps with female empowerment related questions.  

If you need any help with resources, advice on approaching local business or prizes or any other support, you can contact our Fundraising Team on