Raising money for a GFS group 

Girls having fun at a GFS group

If you want to raise money for a specific GFS group, you can either download a sponsorship form and pass it to a group leader with the money you have raised, or set up an online fundraising page. If you wish to set up an online fundraising page, please contact our Fundraising Team on fundraising@girlsfriendlysociety.org.uk and you will be provided with a link and instructions. 

If you know the group you are raising money for personally, you may wish to speak to the leader about what the group needs money for (perhaps some new equipment or a trip), as people are more likely to sponsor you if you have a specific goal.  

Gift Aid could increase the total you raise up to 25%. Gift Aid can be collected on sponsorship and donations, but not items or services that you sell. If you are using a paper sponsorship form, you can encourage people to tick the Gift Aid box and supply their address. 

If you wish to raise money for a GFS group in your local area, but don’t know of a group, you can find one on our Group Finder

Raising money for GFS in England and Wales  

Whilst all of the action takes place in our groups, a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen. In order to empower girls and young women across England and Wales, GFS must spend funds on the likes of programme design, volunteer recruitment, volunteer training and safeguarding. It is just as vital that the charity as a whole is funded, as well as individual groups.   

If you are raising money for GFS in England and Wales you can set up an online fundraising page on Give as You Live Donate – there is an option for your supporters to add Gift Aid, which could boast your total by up to 25%.  Alternatively, you can make a payment for the amount you have raised on our donate page, or send us a cheque.  

Address for cheques:

12 Angel Gate 
London EC1V 2PT   

Tell us your fundraising story 

If you have raised funds for GFS we would love to hear all about it. Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can spread the word about your amazing fundraising efforts.