Did you know that International Day of the Girl is coming up on Friday 11 October?

Here at GFS we will be celebrating each of the amazing girls and young women we support across England and Wales.  Join us by hosting your own International Day of the Girl bake sale at your office, school, church, university or other community.

Why International Day of the Girl is important: The facts about girls and women in our society 

At the current rate of progress, we are estimated to be 108 years away from gender equality. Despite significant progress in the UK, gender inequality persists. 

  • Nine out of 10 girls aged 13 to 15 years old don’t do enough physical activity to benefit their health (British Heart Foundation, 2015) 
  • 78% of students can’t name a famous female working in technology (PWC, 2017) 
  • 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful (Dove, 2010) 
  • In film there is virtually no difference in the sexualisation of female characters between the ages of 13 and 39 years of age (British Council, 2016) 
  • Four out of five people quoted as experts in online news articles by the main UK news outlets are male (Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, 2018) 
  • One in three girls in the UK has been sexually harassed in public when wearing school uniform (Plan UK, 2018) 
  • Girls are less likely than boys to think they are good with their pocket money (HSBC, 2017) 

How is GFS creating change? 

GFS is passionate about helping girls and young women fulfil their potential. In a society that bombards girls with messages about what they should and could be, our goal is to use weekly group sessions to empower girls and young women to learn about themselves and define themselves on their own terms.  

Female volunteers deliver activities from the GFS programme that helps girls and young women develop the self-esteem and emotional well-being they need to be the truest, happiest versions of themselves no matter what life throws at them. 

Join us in our celebration and empowerment of girls

Spread our message of female empowerment this October and raise money to support the delivery of activity programmes for girls, focused on sport, STEM and leadership.  

Host a Day of the Girl bake sale in your office, university or local community, celebrate inspirational girls and women and raise funds to help inspire and engage girls in the areas where it is most needed. 

GFS girls and young women already carry out activities across all of these themes, but we need funds to provide the girls with the best possible offering in these crucial areas. In order to give the girls the opportunities they deserve, we know that we need to invest more in sports and science equipment, workshop facilitators and development of new inspiring activities.  

How to get involved 

  • Sign up by emailing fundraising@girlsfriendlysociety.org.uk 
  • Recruit bakers (or people who want to contribute shop bought goods)
  • Print some International Day of the Girl bake sale posters, fill in the date, time and location of your bake sale and spread far and wide 
  • Download the International Day of the Girl bake sale social media image and advertise your bake sale online
  • Get baking. Remember that some people like savoury more than sweet things and people are following gluten free and plant based diets more than ever (no obligations, just a suggestion) 
  • Print some GFS bunting, cake flags and a Day of the Girl information poster (and any other fun decorations that take your fancy)  
  • Arrange the change for your float and something to keep the money in 
  • International Day of the Girl (October 11 or thereabouts) – host your bake sale and share our social media content to raise awareness of International Day of the Girl. 
  • Visit our paying in page to find out how to get the money to us 

Olivia feels that her self-confidence has increased through attending GFS

“Coming along to the group has made me more confident because we all work together and make each other feel welcome and make each other have self-confidence. It makes me feel better about myself. When you come to Girls Friendly Society, it’s like building a second family because everyone gets along together, we all bond well and we can create new friends.”
Olivia, 13