Are you brave enough to face the shave? Perhaps shaving your head isn’t for you, but how about cutting your long luscious locks into a tidy bob? We know for some that getting your hair cut off is a big deal, but every penny you raise in sponsorship would contribute to help the next generation of girls and young women reach their potential.

Additionally, you can either sell or donate your hair. You could donate your hair to Little Princess Trust to create a wig for a child who has lost their hair, or you could sell it to a wig maker to raise extra funds for GFS. You would need to make your own arrangements to sell or donate you hair – be careful to follow any instructions about cutting and sending your hair carefully, if you don’t it might not be usable.

GFS superstar Eleanor from GFS Swinton dared to cut her hair and donated an absolutely fabulous 10 inches of hair to the Little Princess Trust.

“I like to raise money for charity and thought this would be a good way of helping someone who has lost their own hair due to illness. Although my hair is now short I can always grow it back, and maybe do it again.”


We are all really proud of Eleanor for doing something so brave and thinking of others. Are you brave enough to face the challenge of a sponsored haircut?

If you have any questions about cutting your hair to raise money for GFS, you can get in touch with us on