Coming soon – the GFS gift shop

Celebrate a special occasion with a charity gift

If you’re getting married, celebrating a birthday or another significant event, you could put one of our special GFS empowerment gifts on your wish list.

This Christmas, we’ll be launching the GFS gift shop, where you’ll be able to browse our website for a selection of gifts that will contribute to the empowerment of girls at GFS groups. If you’re enthusiastic about getting more girls involved in science, you might choose a kids engineering set for a group. If you are passionate about girls getting active and having an opportunity to engage with a range of sports and physical activities you might choose a cricket set or a group trip to a climbing centre. If someone chooses to donate a gift to GFS on your behalf, you will receive a card or email describing the difference the gift will make to the lives of girls and young women.

Facebook and online fundraising

Alternatively, you could host an online GFS fundraiser and ask your friends and loved ones to contribute rather than buying you a gift. You could raise money on Facebook by visiting the GFS Facebook page, clicking on the three dots under the cover picture, then selecting ‘Create Fundraiser’. You can also set up your own donation page here.