We keep your daughter safe, so she can concentrate on having fun

As well as providing a fun environment, GFS is responsible for keeping your daughter safe while she attends any of our groups or programmes, including during trips off site.

Our staff and volunteers undergo checks

GFS activities are run by volunteers and/or paid staff who are trained and experienced in working with girls and young women. We follow national guidance for safe recruitment of volunteers and staff, including relevant DBS checks.

Our health and safety standards

GFS carries comprehensive insurance and operates to a high standard of health and safety. All the buildings we operate from undergo a minimum of yearly risk assessments including fire safety and the suitability for activities we deliver within our venues.

We also offer a range of experiences for young women including trips and residential opportunities. These are rigorously assessed to ensure the safety of those attending. You will also be given a special consent form to complete prior to the trip going ahead.

While GFS will do everything it we can to keep your daughter physically and emotionally safe, we must remind you that your daughter is responsible for her own belongings, i.e. mobile phone, money, coat and ask that they only bring with them what they need for their session.

Your daughter’s wellbeing

As part of our commitment to keeping girls and young women safe, we have a statutory duty to report any concerns about a child or vulnerable adult at risk, in accordance with our Child and Vulnerable Adult at Risk Policy.

When registering you daughter, you will be asked to give your consent for GFS staff to give any medication/medical treatment if necessary during a session or emergency. All accidents under GFS supervision are recorded in the accident book and parents/guardians are always informed.

We will also ask if you consent to us photographing or filming your daughter on occasion during a group. This could be used as evidence of her achievement or could be used to promote our work in newsletters, on the GFS website or in other GFS marketing materials.

GFS does not tolerate bullying and has a zero tolerance policy on threatening or violent behaviour of any kind. We have behaviour agreements in all our groups that set out expectations that all participants are made aware of.