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    * Although GFS is not a religious organisation, this group includes some elements of faith.

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    Your details These details will be used if we need to get in touch with you regarding your application, or if a Group Leader/GFS staff member needs to get in touch with regards to a GFS session or in an emergency.
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    Equality and diversityProviding this information helps us to monitor our commitment to attracting and retaining girls and young women participating from a diverse range of communities.
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    What is your religion or belief?

    Getting to and from GFS Providing this information helps our Group Leaders to understand who is responsible for dropping you off and collecting you from GFS to ensure your safety.
    Which method(s) will/do you use to travel to and from GFS sessions?
    Walk aloneWalk with family member/friend.Walk with adult.Bus/public transport alone.Bus/public transport with family member/friend.Car with adult.Drive myself.Other.

    Are you currently in education, employment or training? (eg college, traineeship, apprenticeship, full time employment)

    Medical, access and dietaryWe use this information to inform staff/volunteers of any medical or access issues that should be taken into consideration when planning safe and accessible activities for you.
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    Do you consent to any photographs and videos being taken of you while participating in GFS activities?*

    By selecting 'no', we will flag this with the Group Leader to strictly ensure that you are not included in any images (including in group photos and those which are used as evidence when working towards programmes). All care will be taken to ensure you are not present in any film//photo/footage. Alternatively your face will be obscured.

    In an emergency

    First Emergency contact details We will use their contact details first in the case of an emergency.
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    Second emergency contact detailsWe will use their contact details if your first emergency contact is unavailable in the case of an emergency.
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    Young woman consent
    Please read each section carefully:
    1. I consent to the administration of medical treatment to me if necessary whilst participation in GFS activities.
    2. I agree to Girls Friendly Society keeping information about me as part of my participation in group activities. This information will be kept in strict confidentiality subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018. Information will include health, disability, and emergency details.
    3. I will tell the group leader about any changes in health or wellbeing that may affect me during GFS activities
    4. I will re-register annually, as requested and ensure all contact details are up to date
    5. I will support the mission, vision and values of GFS
    6. I will treat GFS volunteers and staff fairly and with respect

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