Join over 600 girls and young women across England and Wales who are currently involved in GFS. We give girls and young women positive experiences by helping you develop your confidence, make new friends and provide amazing opportunities to get involved in new things.

“GFS isn’t just an everyday youth group people go to, this is basically my second family! I am 17 and started GFS when I was six – and I’m still here! GFS has helped me with so much throughout the years and I couldn’t thank the leaders enough. I used to be the shy girl in the corner, but my confidence has risen so much because of this amazing group. I’m now basically a Young Leader who can speak in front of crowds of strangers and be fine with it. I have achieved so much and made many friends.”

– Morgan Green, GFS Atherstone

So, what’s next?
If you’re aged 16 or over, you can register yourself online and someone will be in touch to discuss your requirements (if any), your suitability for your chosen group and to arrange your first session.

Alternatively, if you would like to email your Group Leader or a member of GFS staff to have an informal chat beforehand, please get in touch with them via the ‘locations’ page.

What if I decide that GFS is not for me?
We hope that GFS is welcoming and enjoyable for all girls and young women, however if you decide that GFS is not for you, there is no pressure to return. Likewise, if you can’t commit every week to GFS, that is fine also. We will remove your information from our database after a year of inactivity, or if you tell us to do so.

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